About Us

Meet Erin Pate, Founder of FranPursuit, LLC

“With over 20 years in franchising and supporting franchise owners across multiple concepts, I bring industry knowledge, experience, and passion to help my clients land in a reputable business they love.”
Erin Pate

My Story

I began my career in 2000 in New Orleans, LA, where I worked as a Grand Opening Specialist with the Planet Beach Franchising Corporation (PBFC). At that time, the indoor tanning industry was at its peak, and we experienced tremendous growth. I successfully project managed 65 new salons from buildout to grand opening, generating $13 million in new revenue in just four years.

In 2004, I was promoted to Franchise Performance Consultant. In that role, I supported existing owners with operations management and sales. During the same year, the indoor tanning industry started to decline, and the company expanded into Spa Services. 

In August of 2005, however, everything changed. Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast, and New Orleans found itself facing a long road to recovery. Thankfully, I evacuated safely. Due to a levee breach and 11 ft. of water in my neighborhood, though, I was unable to return home.

Instead, I relocated to Atlanta, GA to stay with family. I worked remotely for PBFC until a career advancement opportunity presented itself. In 2006, I joined Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc. as a Regional Business Consultant for GA and AL. I covered the $11 million territory of 190 franchise owners consulting on product launches, marketing, inventory management, and sales. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, sales started to decline, and many studios closed.

Fortunately, the relationships I’d built over the years allowed me to coach owners on exit strategies and become a liaison for re-sales and acquisitions, all while considering my next career move to an “essential” franchise business.

In 2011, my recruiter presented me with an amazing opportunity in the senior care space. I joined Interim HealthCare Inc. as the New Franchise Opening Manager and was later promoted to Director of New Franchise Support. The home care industry was (and still is) exploding with growth. I streamlined the opening process to better support new owners with state licensing, sales, and operations.

The Creation of FranPursuit, LLC

By the end of 2019, my team had successfully trained and opened 136 new locations across 33 states. Then 2020 hit. With a global pandemic upon us and my 10-year work anniversary just around the corner, I started to rethink my own path.

After 20 years working across multiple brands, I reached a period of burnout and was no longer challenged. So, I started networking with my professional contacts and had the opportunity to speak with two seasoned franchise brokers who are highly respected in the industry.

This was the greatest “lightbulb moment” of my life.

I knew immediately I had found my perfect career transition! In 2021, I took a leap of faith, joined the International Franchise Professionals Group, and founded FranPursuit, LLC.

Today, business is thriving. We offer 100% free personalized franchise and licensing guidance, and I spend my days helping individuals identify and act upon franchise opportunities that they love. I am fully committed to steering my clients toward reputable brands that support their skill sets, goals, and lifestyles. I provide education on the franchisor-franchisee relationship and, most importantly, guidance through the discovery and validation processes.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward franchise ownership, I would be honored to work with you.

Together, we’ll identify your goals, plot your path to success, and define your journey!